Patara National Park and The Beach

Patara national park is a key biodiversity area, rich in birdlife and it is a nesting beach of the endangered loggerhead turtle (caretta caretta). The beach has been protected against development because of the turtles, they are nearing extinction. Protection of their nesting sites is very important as these animals has to return the beach where they opened their eyes. The beach is closed after sunset from May to October to give the turtles peace in which to lay their eggs. Caretta Carettas' lifespan is between 47 - 65 years and they are mature to become reproductive when they are 17 - 33 years old. These animals are travelling up to 1000 km to lay the eggs. On this journey they have very important duty, they are taking planktons with them and protect diversity of oceans. At Patara Beach during turtle season group of biologist are there at nights to spot where turtles laid the eggs and take to protection. More information on Wiki

Besides sea turtles in the are many different species are living. Many birds are living araound so it is also a place for bird-watchers. Two rare birds found in the area are the wall creeper and the huge Smyrna kingfisher. These kingfishers are found in eucalyptus plantations near water. There are also group of Dolphins living near the sea and sometimes they can be seen from the Patara Beach.

“Beautiful sandy beach famous for its turtles”

Patara beach is a protected, long, lovely beach and well worth visiting. The signs at the start of the road say the beach is free but to get there you have to pass through a historic site.Full facilities at the end of the road including a big cafe and drinks etc. The beach is long and you can lie down anywhere provided you are close to the water. They want people to keep by the sea so the area where the turtles lay their eggs at night is not disturbed.

John Smith (Sydney, Australia)
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